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The UK Speechwriters’ Guild offers training and support to people who write speeches as part of their job.

We work to raise the status of speechwriters in industry, commerce and politics.

We do this by sharing our news, organising conferences and putting on competitions.

We send out a regular e-newsletter, publish books and create resources that help us take pride in our work.

We like to follow your career development.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve had young graduates join when they were in a junior role.

Some are now senior speechwriters working for top politicians and business leaders.

People in public life need to be aware of the advanced principles of writing and speaking.

We direct you to where you can find them.


Latest News

11 May 2020
A speech that’s lasted over 20 years

Last year Margaret Webster joined the UK Speechwriters’ Guild. I had known Margaret 25 years earlier because we were More

"Since it started in 2009, the UK Speechwriters' Guild has attracted a committed group of individuals who enjoy meeting up at conferences to listen to top speechwriters talk about their work." Brian Jenner, Founder
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