E-Newsletter 24/5/2021

14 June 2021

Cambridge Speechwriter Position

The team within the University of Cambridge’s Development and Alumni Relations office is looking for a Senior Leadership Communications Specialist.

The recruitment process is being managed by Rachel Gardner Dalton. You can contact her through her LinkedIn Page.

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E-Newsletter 7/5/2021

7 May 2021

The iconoclasm of Thomas Szasz

Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence – Thomas Szasz

Speechwriting for Science

An external comms job has come up for a fluent German/English speaker based in Göttingen for a biochemical company called Sartorius.
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E-Newsletter 21/4/2021

21 April 2021

Shakespeare the Speechwriter

Comedy is where women run the world. Tragedy is where men run the world – review of Othello

Wolverhampton Speechwriters

Speechwriter required at the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government to be based in Wolverhampton or London.
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E-Newsletter 7/4/2021

7 April 2021

J K Rowling or Schopenhauer to write your wedding speech?

The prosperous can not easily form a right idea of misery – Quintilian

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E-Newsletter 19/3/2021

19 March 2021

I collect brightly feathered sentences

Let go or be dragged – Zen proverb

Care Quality Commission

They’re looking for a Senior Communications and Engagement Officer (Speaker Engagement and Speechwriting) – apply here.

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E-Newsletter 2/3/2021

2 March 2021

A Modest Email About How to Write An Adequate Speech

We often forgive those who bore us, but we cannot forgive those who find us boring. La Rochefoucauld

BEIS speechwriter

The UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is advertising for a speechwriter. See here. 

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E-Newsletter 18/2/2021

18 February 2021

Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear – Albert Camus

Opportunity in Banking

NatWest Bank is looking for a speechwriter.

Apply here

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An Inauguration Event: What do speechwriters do all day?

8 February 2021

On Wednesday 20 January 2021, in conjunction with the European School of Rhetoric, we hosted an event to coincide with Joe Biden’s Inauguration, What do speechwriters do all day?.

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A speech that’s lasted over 20 years

11 May 2020

Last year Margaret Webster joined the UK Speechwriters’ Guild. I had known Margaret 25 years earlier because we were both members of the Grosvenor Square Speakers in London – part of Toastmasters International – a group that trains people in public speaking.

I was chatting to Margaret during the lockdown and I happened to mention that I always remembered her speech about the zombies, which she made at one of the club meetings. It made a deep impression on me at the time. Read more

Oh Come O Come To Emmanuel!

4 December 2019

Seven reasons to join us for the 20th Speechwriters’ & Business Communicators’ conference

1) Meet your peers

On February 13, 2008, I arrived at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC for my first speechwriters’ conference.

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