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5 February 2013

Last Sunday I saw a very strange thing: two business speakers who were really inspirational politicians.

I attended the Design Your Career conference in Bournemouth on Sunday 3 February and I heard the stories of two creative entrepreneurs: Kresse Wesling and Wayne Hemingway.

Kresse Wesling turned up casual. She wore jeans and a jacket and had one of her handbags by her side. She stood up and explained how, from when she had been a small girl, she loved going to the dump. This had grown into an obsession. While most tourists visit the cafés and museums on a foreign holiday, Kresse would visit the landfill sites and root in the dustbins. She saw opportunity.

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UK Speechwriters’ Guild launches European Speechwriter Network

18 January 2013

The founders of the UK Speechwriters’ Guild have officially launched the European Speechwriter Network.

The new website can be found at www.europeanspeechwriters.org

Brian Jenner, the administrator, said: “Since the accession of the Baltic states and the Eastern European states, English has cemented its place as the lingua franca of the EU. The European Speechwriter Network will bring together those specialists who write speeches in English for their bosses, even if English is not their native language.”

In a visit to Brussels last week Brian Jenner met with speechwriters to discuss an inaugural conference in Brussels in September 2013.

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A Henry Boettinger Masterclass

3 December 2012

Henry M Boettinger worked for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. He wrote a book Moving Mountains or The Art of Letting Others See Things Your Way published in 1969. It’s regarded as an obscure classic on the art of giving presentations. Here are some soundbites from the book:

Everyone subjected to a presentation brings with him several unseen retainers. Kipling called them his ‘six honest serving men’: Who, What, Where, Why, How and When?

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Three Cheers for TED

13 November 2012
TED Talks Infographic

Garr Reynolds comes to London

12 November 2012

On Wednesday 7 November 2012, I attended the Presentation Zen conference at the London Hilton Paddington.

It was excellent. Garr Reynolds is a charismatic presenter and he kept us going for the whole day.

However, there was one moment when, as a speechwriter, my heart sank. It was when Garr described an article published in Psychology Today. The title of the article is The 8 Key Elements of Highly Effective Speech…and why your words barely matter.

Garr put up a list of the eight key elements of effective speech – according to Psychology Today –  in order of their importance.

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Rich Watts becomes PEER 1 Hosting UK Business Speaker of the Year 2012

4 October 2012

Rich Watts, an account director from Leepeckgroup, won the £2000 prize for PEER 1 Hosting UK Business Speaker of the Year 2012 competition.

The final, hosted by the leader of Southampton City Council, Cllr Richard Williams, pitched nine speakers against each other at the hub theatre in Southampton on Thursday 27 September.

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Cash plus PR for the 2012 UK Business Speaker of the Year

1 August 2012

Aspiring speakers are invited to compete for the prestigious title of UK Business Speaker of the Year.

The top three competitors will share £5,000 in prizes, with career-enhancing PR for the winner.

The UK Speechwriters’ Guild has teamed up with Southampton-based PEER 1 Hosting (http://www.peer1hosting.co.uk/) to create a new competition for public speakers.

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TEDx Houses of Parliament: California Dreaming comes to Whitehall

27 June 2012

I have a theory that there is a clear fault line in British public life.

On the one side is those people who are drawn to our traditional institutions. They like to belong, and they tend to be suspicious of action, initiative and ideas.

On the other side is the people who don’t care much for our traditional institutions. They are attracted to progressive American thinkers, psychology, science and business.

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Write a Speech for the Prime Minister – Bursaries for Budding Speechwriters

6 June 2012

Could you write a speech for the PM?

The UK Speechwriters’ Guild is offering five bursaries* to attend their annual conference at the Bournemouth University Media School on Friday 21 September 2012.

This year’s conference, ‘Do Speeches Still Matter?’ will include contributions from US speechwriting expert, Chris Witt, political communications blogger, Dr Max Atkinson, and the speechwriter to the President of the European Investment Bank, Jan Sliva.

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Do Speeches Still Matter? The UKSG Autumn Conference in Bournemouth

29 May 2012

The UK Speechwriters’ Guild annual conference is extending over two days.

There will be an intensive speechwriting training session on the afternoon of Thursday 20 September at the St Swithun’s Centre in Bournemouth led by Martin Shovel and Martha Leyton from Creativity Works.

This will be followed by a ‘Ask Not’ Rhetorical Quiz in the evening, which will allow delegates to network on the eve of the event.

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