Dynamic Metaphors

Posted on 2 May 2014  |   Leave a comment

I was watching cricket commentator, Henry Blofeld, on BBC’s This Week, and he mentioned he has a book out, called Squeezing the Orange.

He explained the title:

“I regard each day as an orange that has to have as much juice squeezed out it as possible,” says Blofeld. “And when I finish squeezing one day’s orange I go to bed and wait for the next day’s orange. I’m all for getting the maximum of fun out of life and having as much laughter as I can. I mean, none of us laugh enough — we live in a gloomy age. And when you do laugh, you feel better.”

It struck me as an excellent example of a motivational metaphor. It’s creates an image, it’s easy to understand, it’s memorable and when I think about it it helps me to change my behaviour.

Just the kind of thing that works very well in a speech.

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