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I collect brightly feathered sentences

Let go or be dragged – Zen proverb

Care Quality Commission

They’re looking for a Senior Communications and Engagement Officer (Speaker Engagement and Speechwriting) – apply here.

Senior Speechwriter

Siemens is looking for a speechwriter who can write in English and German to be based in Berlin – apply here.

Zoom Get-Together

Our Zoom conversation, which now features short introductions from new members of the Network/Guild, will be at 3.30pm today (UK Time).

Voice, vulnerability, verbal versatility….

RADA Business voice coach, Lucinda Worlock, will interview John-Paul Flintoff about his new book A Modest Book About How to Make an Adequate Speech on Wednesday 14 April at 10.45am (UK Time)

Tickets available here.

John-Paul wrote a great piece for The Idler this week about ‘Why I copy out great writing by hand.’

Can academics become better writers?

How do we feel about the observation that the more highly educated someone is, the more boring their writing is? That’s a crude generalisation, but…

We’ve gathered a stellar line-up of speakers Dr Max Atkinson, Professor Richard Toye and Justine Bashford for a discussion on academics and how they write. It’s on Friday 16 April at 3.30pm (UK Time).

Tickets available here.

Cambridge 2022

With any luck, in a year’s time, the birds will be singing, the days will be lengthening and we’ll be looking forward to the imminent speechwriters’ conference in Cambridge –  the one we postponed from 2020.

A reminder that we have been invited to return to Emmanuel College, Cambridge from 30 March to 1 April 2022.

All bookings made for the 2020 conference will be honoured.

I haven’t managed to contact the speakers and trainers to confirm their attendance yet, because things are still so complex, but I will do in the coming months.

If you didn’t book last time, you can purchase an early-bird ticket  to join us for the ‘great reunion’ next year.

Details here.

Shakespeare in Thought

We had a great time chatting with Professor Scott Newstok earlier this month about Shakespeare and the education he had.

You can watch the video here.

Princeton University Press, has shared with me a special offer on the new hardback book – a 30% discount which is valid until the end of the month. The link is here. The code is: SHK21 

Is creativity habit or inspiration?

What I loved about Scott Newstok’s book was the many quotations and references to other books which I could follow up. One was a quote from choreographer, Twyla Tharp.

The routine is as much a part of the creative process as the lightning bolt of inspiration, maybe more.

Her book, The Creative Habit, is summarised in this video.

Welcome to New Members

Maria de Bonis has joined the European Speechwriter Network

Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson, an academic who campaigns for the teaching of Classics in schools, has joined the UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Please tell your colleagues about the European Speechwriter Network/UK Speechwriters’ Guild. And if your subscription is not up-to-date please consider renewing it.

UK Speechwriters’ Guild

European Speechwriter Network


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