Online Workshop: An Introduction to Speechwriting

Thu 7 Sep 2024
  • Start: Thu 0900
  • End: Thu 1600
  • Venue: Online
  • Address:
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Empower senior people within your organisation by helping them with their oral communication


Giving a speech remains the most powerful way to build trust in a brand or organisation.

In a busy world, leaders don’t have time to write speeches.

Putting words into someone else’s mouth is a daunting prospect.

A good speech needs to get people to see things the way the leader understands them.

That means they need someone with confidence, sensitivity and skills to help them prepare properly.

During this workshop, we’ll show you how to acquire that expertise.

Leaders need texts that grab attention, engage the listeners and motivate the audience to take action.

Hearing an experienced speechwriter explain how this is done will give you the guidance you need to progress in your career.

For over a decade the European Speechwriter Network has equipped young writers with the tools to do this difficult job well.

This online workshop will give you an introduction into how to

  • connect with an audience
  • dramatise ideas using structure
  • energise content with figures of speech
  • tailor the speech to the speaker
  • make ideas unforgettable
  • reduce demand for amendments


Writing speeches is very different from writing press releases or articles.

We will equip you with a creative toolkit to guide you in your speechwriting.

We will set you exercises to make you aware of how oral communication works.

Throughout the day, you’ll be drafting, editing and delivering speeches to see how the tools work in practice.

Having run many online workshops, we know how to balance teaching with breaks to make sure you have time to absorb the ideas.

The day will be a mixture of theory, followed by practice, followed by reflection.

No workshop is the same. Each delegate comes with their own questions, their own challenges and their own interests. There is added value in listening to fellow delegates speak about the problems they face in their speechwriting.

At the end of the day, we will set aside time for you to ask the tutor any questions you have about speechwriting.


One of the most difficult parts of being a speechwriter is managing the expectations of your speakers.

There are some things speechwriters can do and there are miracles that some people will expect you to perform.

We will give you a job description.

We will offer some advice to help you avoid thankless situations and undeserved criticism.

We will build your self-esteem and help you identify the red flags in the speechwriting relationship.


For the past 15 years we’ve discovered that there is a community of people in Europe who are fascinated by language, literature and politics and they are drawn to the art of speechwriting and the study of eloquence.

That facination isn’t just because it’s their job, it goes deeper than that.

What was part of the core curriculum in European schools and universities for centuries remains a curiosity for many creative people.

We’ve been glad to rediscover it.


An Introduction to Speechwriting gives you the resources you need to advance in the craft.

What you’ll learn and leave with...

• Knowledge of how professional speechwriters manage tasks

• A template for how to write a script for oral delivery

• Insights into how speeches need to stimulate emotion and imagination

• Strategies to find persuasive stories

• Tips for managing your speaker

• New contacts, resources, ideas and perspectives

Participating in an Introduction to Speechwriting also plugs you into the European Speechwriter Network, a community of speechwriting professionals that offers ongoing support and advice.



The cost of the training is £599 + £119.80 VAT.

Send us an email and we will raise an invoice for you.

Alternatively you can pay by debit card through Eventbrite.


Guy Doza is an author, speechwriter, and trainer. He has a degree in education from Cambridge and a Masters in rhetoric from Royal Holloway. He has worked for members of both The House of Commons and The House of Lords. He’s run his own speechwriting consultancy and been a leading member of the European Speechwriter Network for ten years.

Outside of Parliament, he’s worked with numerous companies ranging from BP to the BBC. Beyond the UK, he’s worked as consultant to a range of governments across Europe and Central Asia.

Guy won awards for speaking at Toastmasters International. In 2019, he was invited to give a TEDxTalk at the University of Cambridge about how rhetoric influences the decisions that shape our lives. He has also lectured at Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Caltech.


We provide certificates of attendance for the workshop on request.


My ambition, as someone who writes speeches (speechwriter is a real job requiring talent) is to get it right and be authentic. And with your training, I might be able to do… just that.

Adina, International Labour Organisation

Guy came to Edinburgh in June 2016 to deliver speechwriting training to newly elected Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) from all the main Scottish political parties.

His workshops were engaging and informative and inspired many of the MSPs to apply what they had learnt in their maiden speeches. I’ve always found him to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic when it comes to all matters concerning rhetoric. I would strongly recommend Guy as a both a speechwriter and a trainer.

Rodger Evans – The Scottish Parliament

His undeniable expertise on rhetoric and writing/delivering speeches can only be matched by his dedication and engagement capacity as a trainer.

His workshops are practical and executive, and yet supported by a strong theoretical basis; the fitting combination for anyone getting in the habit of speaking in public. I do not hesitate to say that he is the best trainer I have ever encountered on these fields. We will definitely consider working with him again in the future.

Pau Castellvi Canet – European Liberal Forum

Guy’s workshop gave my team a strong platform from which to improve our speeches. The workshop was well delivered and covered an impressive combination of both practical advice and theoretical knowledge which we now use to underpin our speech development.

Guy also wrote a speech for me which I delivered in a number of countries including Pakistan, China and India – his speech hit the nail on the head and completely captured the tone that I was going for. As well as being a brilliant writer and trainer, Guy is also himself a very well-practiced and experienced speaker. He is a pleasure to work with.

Janet Morris – Cambridge International Assessment

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