Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel! Our conference returns. Join us.

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1) Life finds a way!

Dr Johnson supposedly said, ‘Never leave a man with the burden of an undelivered speech.’ In March 2020, we had to postpone our conference. That was a lot of undelivered speeches.

From 2009-2019 the European Speechwriter Network hosted 19 conferences in the UK and other European capitals. We built up a vibrant network of friendships, contacts and expertise. From 30 March to 1 April 2022, we’ll be back at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

The return, the reunion and the relaunch will all be rolled into one.


2) An Experience Like No Other

Over the past 22 months, we’ve lived through the most traumatic times since the Second World War (that’s not even including Brexit, which finally happened in 2020).

This will be the first opportunity to talk to colleagues and old friends in person. We’ve got so much to talk about! There will be delegates from France, Germany, Canada, Finland, Belgium, USA and the Netherlands (many of whom have been at the epicentre of political events).

The full ticket price includes three nights in college. We’ll have breakfasts and lunches, tea breaks and restaurant visits making the best of what Cambridge has to offer.


3) An Outstanding Line-Up

We’ve persuaded former White House speechwriter, Terry Szuplat, to come to Cambridge. Terry will be sharing what he learnt from working for Obama in a pre-conference workshop and he’ll be doing a Q & A during the conference.

With financial turbulence imminent, Canadian speechwriter, Amélie Crosson, will run a pre-conference training session on how to survive and thrive as a writer for central banks and economists.

Former BBC Foreign Correspondent turned Red Cross speechwriter, Nick Hawton, will be speaking about the how his work has changed over the past two years.

Top TED talker Marianna Pascal will be jetting in from Malaysia and Bjørn Berge, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, will talk about the speeches of Norwegian royalty. And there will be many more…


4) Rediscover ‘Live’

Teaching, lecturing and public speaking are live, emotional experiences. Our ethos is unashamedly pre-pandemic.

Place and time are key to creating memories that shape our thinking. We want to inspire and move each other with our ideas and contributions in beautiful physical spaces.


5) We’ll Be Talking Technology

The internet has hosted some of the biggest public meetings in history during the past two years. The audience has changed.

Our speakers will be explaining what they’ve learnt, and whether they think these new ways to communicate are permanent or transitory.



6) The Banquet

We’ll be having a three-course banquet again followed by our public speaking competition. The competition is open to all delegates. You will be given instructions on how to write a speech during the conference and the speeches will be delivered after the meal.

The winner will have their name engraved on the Fred Metcalf Memorial Trophy – which hasn’t been awarded for two years.


7) Celebrate The New Normal

Many of us are now working from home, which means we’ve got to rethink how we socialise.

In this new world, relationships with people who share your skillset are just as valuable, or maybe even more valuable, than relationships you have at your place of work.

We’re honouring all bookings which were made for the conference in spring 2020, which means the conference will have more delegates than ever before.

You’ll wake up on Monday morning with a spring in your step, clutching a notebook full of speechwriting tips, a list of email addresses of your new contacts, not to mention memories of a significant moment in time, when the possibilities of a new world were articulated after the most baffling and unpredictable political hiatus in history.


To secure your place at the Cambridge Speechwriters’ and Business Communicators’ Conference 2022 click here.

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